Friday, November 18, 2011

Ritter Sport Chocolate Tea Biscuit Milk Cream & Cocoa

ריטר ספורט ביסקוויט
As with the Kellogg's Coco Pop Choc 'n' Roll post from two weeks a ago this Ritter Sports Chocolate bar is also an imported product that has been available in other parts of the world for a few years but just now made its way to Israel.

As I mentioned in the past one of my main reasons for starting this blog was because I couldn't find English reviews for new product on our local store shelves, but I did find a detailed English review from 2009 for this Ritter Sport chocolate bar.

So instead of adding yet another review to the blogosphere, I thought it would be smarter that I just let you know that Ritter Sport Chocolate Tea Biscuit Milk Cream & Cocoa bar is now available here Israel and here's the link to ZOMG candy's review. 

I'll just add this is the first of Ritter Sport Chocolates that I've tasted. Being a huge fan of chocolate it kind of surprises me that I didn't try every last one of their bars. I sort of think it was the name that may have kept me away till now. Could be subconsciously having the word sport on the wrapper of a chocolate bar just seemed wrong to me and I didn’t really want to try it :)

Why would Ritter name a line of chocolates Sport? Thanks to the Ritter Chocolates website I now know why they're called Ritter Sport Chocolate and I think it's actually a really good reason. It kinda helped me get over my hesitation to try the chocolate.

I found this explanation on the history/timeline page of Ritter Sport Chocolates
1932 Birth of the Square: The chocolate square is launched. Clara Ritter’s proposal to produce a square chocolate bar quickly meets with agreement in the family. Her argument: “We’ll make a chocolate that fits into the pocket of every sports jacket, doesn’t break, and still weighs the same as a normal long bar of chocolate.” The chocolate square is named “Ritter’s Sport Chocolate"

So in case you too wondered about the name Ritter Sport now you know :)

On a local note Elite has a similar chocolate bar as part of their Para Line of chocolates. In comparison I thought Ritter's chocolate was a somewhat better quality chocolate than the Elite option. Then again I almost always have an issue with the slight chalkiness in all Elite Para chocolates.


Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.