Friday, November 11, 2011

WTF? Cariot Cereal

And now for something you don’t normally see on a cereal box
 and just another sign that abbreviations,
made popular by texting and tweeting,
have completely invaded every aspect of our life…
take a look at the name Telma gave to its latest Cariot cereal…

WTF?  תלמה כריות

Yes, you read that right!

When I saw the box on the store shelf first I laughed and then looked again to make sure my eyes were not fooling me :)
Did Telma really do that?
Why would they call it WTF?

Once I read the "fine print" I understood it stands for
"What's The Flavor"
This box of cereal is a mix of two very popular Cariot flavors in one box.
You get both nougat cream fill Cariot and
vanilla cream filled Cariot
 mixed together.
Truth be told 9 times out of 10
when I have a bowl of cereal I like to mix and match
 the different cereals I happen to have
 in the cupboard at that moment.
I'm sure many people have mixed the two Cariot flavors
on their own so I can't really
call this a New Product per se.
Still I couldn't help but show you the
name that Telma chose.  
I laughed when a friend living in the USA
emailed me a photo of this
cereal box with the caption
"only in Israel".
I can't imagine an American cereal company
getting away with it so she was right
 "only in Israel".

I wonder if it will bother anyone here
or if not enough people would "get it" and
be offended by it.
 I guess we will wait and see.


  1. OMG... LOL!!! Got another one to add to the list... OII- Only In Israel LOL

  2. ;) glad it made you smile :) It's kind of interesting to me that none of the Hebrew reviews or posts I read about this cereal even commented on the name or where the name comes from. I guess they didn't find it odd, funny or offensive.