Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Carlo Summer/Freezer Chocolate Mousse + Coupon

קרלו מוס שוקולד להקפאה
Just in time for summer Tnuva has a new Chocolate Mousse in their Carlo line of puddings. This new mousse can be enjoyed either as a regular mousse, kept in the refrigerator, or frozen as a sort of ice cream mousse. Since it comes two in a pack I put one in the freezer and left one in the refrigerator so I can try it both ways.

The Carlo line of puddings is geared more toward children so I don’t really know what their other puddings taste like but the idea of a frozen chocolate mousse intrigued me and I wanted to try it.

I first tasted the one I had in the refrigerator. I thought it was quite chocolaty, very sweet and light ‘n fluffy; exactly what I was expecting from a children’s chocolate mousse/pudding-like this. I imagine that most kids would really enjoy it very much.

Then a few days later I tasted it frozen.  When I first took it out of the freezer it was very frozen, which made the mousse very hard. I had to wait a few minutes to even get my spoon into the frozen mousse. There were visible icicles on the top when I opened the container. I didn’t like the way the icicles tasted in the mousse. It also took away the “light ‘n fluffiness” the mousse had before going into the freezer.

Once I let it melt to the point that the icicles didn’t bother me as much it tasted better to me but by then the mousse was closer to the way it tasted straight out of the refrigerator, so why bother freezing it? Maybe in this "semi-frozen" stage the mousse was colder and somewhat closer to eating ice cream but not really. 

At this defrosted point it was again a bit airy and fluffy but not as light as before I froze it. 

Frozen, the mousse was still very chocolaty but so long as I got a few icicles here and there I really did not like the texture.

Bottom Line: This Carlo Chocolate Mousse was very sweet and chocolaty, a little too sweet and chocolaty for me but I’m not its target audience. Refrigerated it was light and fluffy and I think most kids would really enjoy it. Once it was frozen the icicles turned it into a texture that I really didn’t like. Maybe had it been semi frozen; without icicles, and less sweet, I would have enjoyed it more. As is I do not plan on buying Carlo Chocolate Mousse again.

2 pack package – 5.49 NIS
Here is a coupon I saw online to get this Carlo Chocolate Mousse at Mega Supermarkets for 4.00NIS


Kosher Mehadrin

 Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me.  No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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