Monday, June 11, 2012

Puffed Doritos + Coupon

דוריטוס מנופח

Update: These Puffed Doritos Won a Productof the Year Awards 2013.

Elite has a new Doritos snack on the market called “Doritos Menupach” literally translated to “inflated” but it’s basically a puffed Doritos. It comes in two flavors; Barbeque and Sour-Cream ‘n Onion. I am not a fan of onion flavored snacks so I chose to try the Barbeque flavored one.

I was a drop surprised that the puffed Doritos were smaller than the regular sized Doritos. I was kind of expecting them to be the same size as your average Doritos but they were like a 3cm mini sized triangles. As soon as I thought about it, it actually made perfect sense that they would be bite size. Since they are puffed once you bite into them they fall apart, if they would be full size Doritos they would make a big mess. Turns out I think they are the perfect snack size.

The thing I didn’t like about them was the flavor. I rarely think snacks actually have a barbeque flavor to them but in this case I don’t think they really managed to get that fake barbeque flavor snack companies like to use. To me these tasted more or less like a sweet ketchup flavor you have on many potato or corn snacks on the market. 
It’s not “straight up” ketchup there is a barbeque flavor attempt there but it’s a fail in my book. I don’t like that sweet fake ketchup flavor. The only time I ever have ketchup is with french-fries, and more often than not I eat my fries alone without ketchup, but I absolutely dislike the fake ketchup flavor that I have tasted on many snacks. In this case I was hoping for more of a barbeque flavor but it wasn’t there for me.

I did like the puff texture of this corn snack and I think this could be a fun route for Doritos to go in. I can see myself liking it in a plain salt/original Doritos flavor. Hopefully that will be a future option they add to this line of Puffed Doritos.

Bottom Line: I liked the idea, size, shape and texture of these Puffed Doritos snack but I didn’t like the so called Barbeque flavor. To me it tasted more like a fake sweet ketchup flavor that I don’t enjoy. If Doritos makes a plain salt version I think I may enjoy that very much.

80 gram bag 3.49NIS

Kosher Parve Badatz

Update: I found a 1+1 coupon for these Puffed Doritos it expires 30/9/12


Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are mine


  1. Ok so Im all with you on this. Barbeque is not spicy ketchup. Evrytime I see barbeque I know it will end up tasting nothing like the flavour I know from foreign snacks. Maybe the development teams seem to think we like a more milder 'ketchupy' taste. Ive polled others and if its anything to go by, we dont. I hope "all" (three or four) snack copanies read this. I also tried the shamenet-batzal (sour cream onion), I do enjoy this flavour, I thought it was just right. I would also like a plain-salty one but it would probably taste too similar to Apropos, so maybe thats the reason they havent added that. Id also love a nacho / cheese version of this doritos.

    1. "Barbeque is not spicy ketchup"
      EXACTLY!!! Well said!

      "I've polled others and if its anything to go by, we don't"
      LOL- gotta say I got the same results whenever I "polled" people about this too:) not sure what the companies r thinking?

      "I hope "all" (three or four) snack companies read this."
      I hope they do too but not sure that's gonna happen. given that this is an English blog, but I do plan on writing on their webpage and seeing if that helps

      Glad to hear the sour cream 'n onion one was a good.

      I kinda think Doritos taste different to Apropos and as a whole I like the taste of Doritos better than Apropos, but I hear what u are saying.

      Yeah a real nacho/cheese version would be nice:)

  2. btw it seems doritos came out with this snack a decade ago called 3D Doritos but took it off the market. Maybe this is somewhat a test market re-launch in Israel.

    1. Interesting I didn't know that- gosh I see there is a "Bring back 3D Doritos Facebook page :)

      Cool and looks like they had nachos and other flavors too:)

      I guess it's true what they say - "there's nothing new under the sun" :)

    2. Previous 3D was like Apropo and not a true Doritos

    3. Really interesting- gosh that would be a disappointment for me, not that I don't like Apropo but I much prefer plain Doritos and I would want them to taste much closer to Doritos and not like Apropo

  3. price updates same 80 gram packet:

    galil market - 2.74 (4 for 10.99)
    zol beshefa - 2.99
    shufersal - 3.99
    mega - 4.40
    co-op - 2 for 9 = 4.50
    yellow - 5.00