Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tusso Sugar-Free Cookies and Tusso Sugar-Free Chocolate Bar

מוצרי מזון  של Tusso ללא סוכר
Danshar has a new sugar-free line of products they are calling Tusso. The line includes cookies, cakes, wafers, jams and chocolate bars. They are made with sweeteners like Maltitol, not sugar. The products are not necessarily low calorie but, although the packaging doesn’t clearly say so, I think they are suitable for diabetics.

I tasted the Chocolate and Vanilla flavored Sandwich Cookies and the Milk-Chocolate with Hazelnuts.

The Chocolate and Vanilla flavored Sandwich Cookies are 98.6 calories for 2 cookies (22 grams). The cookies had a nice crispy texture when I bit into it, exactly what I would expect from a sandwich cookie like this. But the artificial sweetener taste was way too over powering for me. After just one bite I didn’t want a second bite. I couldn’t stand the taste.

When I ate the cookie as a sandwich cookie I didn’t really get a feel for the cream filling so I decided to taste it on its own, big mistake! The cream filling had all the problems a bad cream filling could have; it was extremely grainy and left very strong shortening-like film in my mouth, I really dislike that. I know it’s hard to find good sugar-free cookies on the market here but sadly, in my opinion, this is not the answer.

Bottom Line: I would not waste 13.99NIS on this box of Chocolate and Vanilla flavored Sandwich Cookies even if you can’t have sugar, there has to be better cookie/cake type options on the market somewhere.

200 gram box 13.99NIS

I noticed that Tusso cookies are 25% off at Superpharm until 13-6-12. I am not sure 25% off what price, but then again I can’t in good conscience suggest that you buy these cookies but just to cover the bases I thought I’d mention the sale I noticed.

Kosher Parve Chatam Sofer

The Tusso Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts was a real pleasant surprise. (496 calories for 100 grams) I found it to be a creamy milk-chocolate, chock full 'o hazelnuts that did not have an overpowering artificial sweetener taste. I know I’m ultra “sensitive” to picking up on artificial sweetener in products, in this case I didn’t notice the artificial sweetener right away at all; it was very subtle in this chocolate bar. My friend who also tasted the chocolate, and did not know it was sugar-free, was surprised to hear that when I told her. She was super impressed and said she could not taste the artificial sweetener at all. She thought it was an enjoyable creamy and smooth milk-chocolate bar. She really liked the texture and flavor that the abundance of nuts added to the chocolate bar.

Bottom line: If you are looking for a sugar-free milk-chocolate bar and you enjoy hazelnuts I think you should try Tusso Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate with Hazelnuts Bar.

It’s interesting to me how a company can do so well on one product and fail so poorly, in my opinion, on another product. Maybe making a decent sugar-free cookie is just much more complicated than making a tasty sugar-free milk-chocolate bar, I don’t know?
Tusso products have no trans-fats, no artificial coloring, and no preservatives. 
100 gram bar- 11.99NIS

Kosher- Star K Dairy 

Tusso Sugar-free Line won a 2014 Product of the Year Award

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are mine.


  1. Ive been to Rami Levi and they have 50% off the second Tusso product for customer card holders.
    Also I bought a new product called Doritos menupach (inflated doritos) that I saw there. Very interested to see what you think of it, I took both flavours to try out, really liked one flavour and really disliked the other but I wont say which not to influence you if you choose to try them!

    1. Thanks for the heads up re the deal at Rami Levi for anyone who may want to take advantage of that:)

      Yeah last week I also picked up one of the Doritos menupach it is in the "to taste" bag:)

      If for some reason I don't write a post about it I will let you know what I think of it once I taste it. Regardless, you are more than welcome to tell me what you thought of them. I often read Hebrew reviews (or reviews from other countries) of products. Hearing others opinions never influence mine, but I find it very interesting:)