Thursday, June 7, 2012

Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Coffee & Butter Flavored Candies

סוכריות וורטר אורגינל בטעם קפה ללא סוכר
In my review of Mint Chocs Candies I mentioned that Storck also produces Werther’s Original and that I plan on reviewing their new Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Coffee & Butter Flavored Candy, so here I go.

When Werther’s Original Sugar-Free Butterscotch Candies hit our store shelves I remember being disappointed with it. I thought the artificial sweetener taste was too overpowering. I was always a big fan of Werther’s Original Butterscotch Candy but the sugar-free version kind of ruined that for me. Therefore I was really hesitant to even try this Sugar-Free Coffee & Butter Candy. 

I was never a huge coffee candy fan to start with, so I wasn’t really interested in an artificial sweetener taste combined with a little coffee and butterscotch flavor. But when my friend bought a box and offered me a few candies I thought I would take the opportunity to try it and post a review.

I was very pleasantly surprised; yes my ultra sensitive, to artificial sweetener, taste-buds did pick up on the artificial sweetener taste but not nearly as bad as I remember in their sugar-free butterscotch candies. Somehow the coffee and butterscotch flavors together seemed to mask the artificial sweetener much better than the way the butterscotch alone tried to mask it. Or maybe others complained about that too and so Werther’s Original changed something this time around. I don’t know but I was happy that this candy tasted much more like a coffee and butterscotch candy and much less like artificial sweetener.

Each 3 gram sugar-free candy has 9 calories 

Bottom Line: This Werther’s Original Coffee and Butter Candy was enjoyable enough. I liked the combination of the butterscotch and touch of coffee. I thought the two flavors worked well together and the coffee added an interesting touch to the popular Werther’s Original Butterscotch Candy. I was most impressed that it didn’t have a way too strong artificial sweetener taste.

42 gram box- 5.99NIS 
until 16-6-12 you can get 2 boxes for 10NIS at all Mega Supermarkets               

Kosher Dairy Rabbinate Berlin Germany approved by Chief Rabbinate Israel

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by my friend. No one is paying me or my friend for this review. All opinions are mine 

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  1. Is there somewhere (i.e. online) where someone in the states can purchase some that are kosher certified? The ones in the US are not certified by any kashrus agency.