Monday, June 18, 2012

Sale on The Product Of The Year Winner Toilet Duck Gel

Just a quick post to let you know that
 Shufersal Deal 
is having a sale on the
 Toilet Duck Gel
 that I told you about

דאק דיסק ג'ל

Normally they cost about 
19.00 to 22.00 NIS 
depending on the store.

For the month of June 
they are on sale for just 
5.00 NIS 
at Shufersal Deal .

I think this is a great time to stock up on them.

I really like this product, particularly the lemon scented one.

I find that they do just as good a job, if not a better job, than many of the toilet cleaners that are attached to the toilet with a plastic container but in this case there is no need to remove the empty container.

I also find that they last longer than the one week per "dot/disk" so for me each "tub" lasts longer than six weeks,
but that's just been my experience. 
Toilet Ducks claim is that each "dot" will last a week 
and you get six "dots" per "tube".

I absolutely think it was a worthy winner of the 
this year.

So check your local Shufersal Deal 
before the month is over or before they run out of the product.  

Disclaimer:  No one is paying me for this post. All opinions are mine. I am in no way affiliated with Shufersal or Toilet Duck.

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