Thursday, June 28, 2012

Yoplait White 1.8% Yogurt with Dried Fruit & Nuts at the Bottom + Coupon

יופלה לבן מעודן עם פירות יבשים בתחתית 1.8%
Yoplait added a new flavor to the Yoplait White Yogurt with Fruit at the Bottom line that I told you about in March. The new flavor is a little different than the other three in this line because this time they added dried fruits and nuts to the bottom of the yogurt as opposed to “fresh fruit”.

From what I could tell it had dried apricots, raisins and walnuts but I am not 100% sure. The ingredients were not listed on the container I got because I didn’t buy this yogurt but I got a free sample at the supermarket the other day. The sample container, they were handing out, was a different in shape and size to the one you can actually buy. There were no details or ingredients listed on the sample container so I am just going on what I tasted and saw in the yogurt itself and not on what they list on the container, so I may be wrong but from the photo I found online I think I'm correct.

I didn’t like that the walnuts got kind of soggy from sitting in the yogurt but they, along with the dried fruits, did add flavor and texture that made the yogurt tasty. As a whole I thought the yogurt was enjoyable enough but nothing all that amazing or note worthy.

I did overhear an older gentleman saying he thought it was too sweet for his taste. I didn’t think this Yoplait White Yogurt with Dried Fruit and Nuts at the Bottom was ultra sweet or sweeter than most yogurts on the market but it’s possible he was tasting the wild-berry flavor. I would agree the wild-berry one is sweeter than the dried fruit one but then again many yogurts sold here are sweeter than they need to be so it’s very possible he was talking about the dried fruit version and not the wild-berry one.

Bottom Line: I think the Yoplait White Yogurt with Dried Fruit and Nuts is a nice addition to this line of Fruit at the Bottom Yogurts. Not that a dried fruit and nuts yogurt hasn’t been done before, I’m sure it has been done many times but this one is fine too. The soggy walnuts did bother me a drop but then again they did add a nice texture to the yogurt so it wasn’t all that big a deal. As a whole I thought the yogurt was a good little “pick me up” after I finished supermarket shopping because I had not had the time to eat breakfast before I left the house that morning.

150 gram container 3.89NIS

I came across coupons for this line of yogurts. You can get 3 of these yogurts for 10NIS at either Mega and Shufersal just be sure to print out the correct coupon 


Kosher Rabbinate

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  1. Ive seen greek ones where the nuts come in a compartment next to the yoghurt. you can also have them under the lid on top, why mix them in to get soggy I dont know; since its 150 gr, pricewise its almost double regular 200gr yoghurt that we buy.

    I predict this gets taken off pretty quickly.

    1. Yeah I too thought they should have put the nuts in a separate compartment so they would not get soggy,

      I agree with your prediction, I don't think this flavor will last on the store shelf too long.