Sunday, April 17, 2011

Elite's "Pesek Zman" Wafers Kosher For Pesach

Elite's popular milk-chocolate covered wafer "Pesek Zman" is available for Pesach in 3 flavors; the "Classic" Hazelnut Pesek Zman, Coconut Cream Flavored Pesek Zman and "Big Bite" Pesek Zman

The "Classic" Pesek Zman is being sold both as an individual wafer and as a bar of 7 wafer fingers whereas the "Coconut Cream" Pesek Zman is only available as a bar of 7 wafer fingers and, it seems, the The 'Big Bite" is only sold as an individual wafer.

I tasted the "classic" and the "Big Bite" Pesek Zman wafers.

Both Pesach Pesek Zman wafers were wonderfully delicious; they have a rich chocolate coating with a perfect crispy wafer in the middle.

The "Big Bite" Pesek Zman has an added rich layer of cream on top of the wafer, just like the Chametz "Big Bite". Actually all of the wafers were very close to their Chametz counterpart.

The Pesek Zman wafers both passed the "potato starch test" with flying colors.

If Elite is able to make such a successful Pesek Zman wafer I don’t understand why they fail so miserably with their mini cubed wafers and their Kosher for Passover wafer. Yes I get that the rich chocolate coating is what makes Pesek Zman so successful but the filling of the Pesek Zman wafer itself is absolutely fine as well. Why can't they use the Pesek Zman filling for all their wafers?

Bottom Line: Either of these Kosher for Pesach Pesek Zman wafers would be a wonderful chocolaty snack to enjoy this holiday.

7 Wafer Fingers Bar- 110 grams – 7.59 NIS
Individual "Big Bite" Pesek Zman– 49 grams - 4.59 NIS
Individual "Classic" Pesek Zman – 45 grams – 4.59 NIS   

Kosher Dairy – Cholov Yisrael- Rabbinate Nazareth-Illit
Kosher For Passover

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own. 


  1. Thanks for reminding me to get a Pesek Zman before the holiday is over! I had almost forgotten - but I personally like the Pesach ones as much, if not more, than the regular version :)

    Pesach Kasher VeSameach!!

  2. Glad to have reminded you... I kinda agree with you that the Pesach ones might be better than the regular one :) enjoy them and enjoy chag:)