Sunday, May 22, 2011

Bagel Bagel's Safari Grill Pretzels

בייגל בייגל ספארי גריל
About a year ago, way before I began this blog, Bagel Bagel started their "Safari" line of pretzels. The Safari pretzels are small little animal shaped pretzel with an added flavor. These Safari pretzels are geared toward children.

The first Safari Pretzel was a pizza flavored pretzel. This new Safari Pretzel is grill flavored.

Seeing as there's a picture of a cute little bonfire on this Grill flavored Safari Pretzel package I thought this would be the perfect product to review today, in honor of all the Lag B'Omer Holiday bonfires.

Speaking of bonfires check out these super adorable bonfire cupcakes my friend made for Shabbat. I thought they were just the coolest Lag B'Omer cupcakes I have ever seen! I had to share them with you too J!

Now back to the Safari Grill flavored Pretzels.

The animal shapes you can find in the Safari Grilled flavored Pretzels are elephants, birds, ducks, cats, bears, turtles, camels and horses. Those are not exactly the animals I think of when I hear the word Safari but, I do think kids enjoy having fun shaped snacks. So I won't get petty about Bagel Bagel choosing the name safari as opposed to say Noah's Ark or something like that.

Bagel Bagel's Safari Pretzels are a baked snack. As with the pizza flavored Safari Pretzel I thought these grill flavored Safari Pretzels were too dry and over baked. The pretzel themselves are very small, each piece being no more than half an inch long, so it seems to me that it would be very easy to over bake such a small pretzel and sadly, that’s exactly what I think Bagel Bagel has done.

These pretzels have a definite grill flavoring which I actually enjoyed. I think that kids that like savory flavored snacks will enjoy the grill flavor on these Safari Pretzels.

At the moment the Safari Grill Pretzels are only available in a large 300 gram bag. My guess is that soon enough they will be sold in a smaller individual sized snack bag as well.

The Safari Grilled flavored Pretzels have no artificial food coloring and have no cholesterol in them.

Bottom Line: I like the idea of fun animal shaped snacks but in my opinion, these Bagel Bagel Safari Grill flavored Pretzels are too dry and over-baked which ruined the snack for me. For now I'll happily stick with my all time favorite pretzels Osem's Flat Salt Pretzels and hope that maybe the next Safari pretzel will be better than the past two have been.

300 gram bag- 10.99 NIS

Kosher Parve Badatz

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Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Very cool cupcakes you should send them to some of the baking "linky parties" there are many people who would love to see them.

    By the way I really enjoy reading your blog.

  2. Thank you Ruth for your kind words about the cupcakes and the blog.
    I will look into the Link parties your talking about and I may send the cupcakes (with my friends permission.)
    Thanks for the suggestion.