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Elite's "Doritos Dip" Chips & Salsa

When I first saw these "Doritos Dip" Chips & Salsa on display I wasn't sure if they were a new product or maybe just new packaging. Something about them seemed and looked somewhat familiar to me. The bag is kind of similar to the "Doritos Hot & Spicy" chips so maybe that’s why they looked familiar, but I knew that wasn't why they seemed familiar. 

I thought I remembered that we had a similar product here a few years ago, but then I read an on-line press release claiming that these "Doritos Dip" Chips and Salsa are new to the Israeli market. I know by now that companies often write a press release saying something is new when it's not necessarily the case.

2003 Doritos Dip
A quick Google search and I found the old product, from 2003, that I was thinking of. I remember being disappointed when those Doritos were no longer available here. So I was hoping these were in fact those same chips I was thinking of. Seeing as they may be somewhat different to the chip and dip from a few years ago, and because I really like Tortilla chips 'n salsa, I decided to taste them and review them.

When I opened the bag they looked somewhat different to the Doritos I was remembering. Surprisingly, they looked very much like the regular "Natural flavored Doritos chip" sold here in a yellow bag.

The only real differences I could find between these "Dip" chips and the "Natural Flavored" ones is their shape. These "new Doritos Dip" chips have a more rounded edge, whereas the ones in the yellow bag, that we have had here all along, have somewhat pointier edges.

I tried both chips side by side and I could not find any other real differences between the supposedly new "Doritos Dip" chip and the "Natural flavored Doritos".

Somehow I remember the 2003 "Dip" chip being thinner, lighter, saltier, less oily and a slightly different color. Not so much bright yellow, as these are, but more toward an off white/pale yellow, like the Herr's 100% White Corn Restaurant Style Tortilla Chips (which are available here in Mini Markets and convenience stores). I think those Doritos Dip Chips from 2003 were much more like the Herr's one in every way. Oddly enough they are somewhat more "natural" tasting than the "natural flavored" Doritos. I actually much prefer the Herr's chips to these Doritos Dip chips.

דוריטוס דיפ
I think that this "New Dip" chip is not the same product I'm remembering but it is in fact the same chip as Doritos sell here in the yellow bag. It's just repackaged and being sold side by side with the re-launched salsa.

Regarding the salsa, I tried the "Mild" one as opposed to the "Spicy" one. It was absolutely mild, not even a touch of spice in it. I usually buy a "medium spicy" salsa but since my choice was either mild or spicy I got the mild one. I was afraid the spicy one would be too spicy. The mild one turned out to be too mild for me. I kind of regretted not trying the spicy one or possibly mixing them together to make a medium spicy salsa.

I thought the salsa was mediocre at best. There are much better salsas sold here. In my opinion it had way too much tomato and not enough peppers in the mix. Also, I didn’t like the taste of the poor quality thick tomato sauce they used. All in all, to me, it was not an impressive salsa.

Bottom Line: I don’t think the Doritos Dip chips are really all that new and they are not the chip I was remembering from 2003, but I like them just as much as I like the "Natural Doritos" chips. Still I much prefer the Herr's version I mentioned. Seeing as the Doritos Dip chips are much cheaper, and sold in many more stores, I'm likely to buy them more often than the Herr's. But I will NOT be buying this mild "Doritos/Elite" salsa again, that I really did not like.

150 gram bag of Doritos Dip Chips -5.00 NIS
Kosher Parve Badatz

Salsa – 11.00 NIS
Kosher Parve OU- USA

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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