Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tirat Tzvi's New Thin Sliced Deli-Meat

Tirat Tzvi has a new product/gimmick on the market that allows them to put a nice big blue sticker on the package screaming

חדשNEW /
!!!In other words BUY ME

טירת צבי הודו דק אישי

Shortly before I began this blog most of the deli-meat companies, here in Israel, started selling an extra thin sliced deli-meat. Each company gave it a slightly different name but in reality they were all basically the same product.

 Soglowek, one of Tirat Tzvis competitors, even received a Product of the Year Award for their version. I actually enjoyed the extra thin sliced deli-meat and thought it was a nice new twist on a popular product.

Now Tirat Tzvi is looking for their next NEW product, after the Toast-Ready Cold-Cut, I reviewed in February.

For this "NEW" Thin-Sliced Deli-Meat, it seems to me, that all they did was move the number on the slicer a notch or 2 up from the extra thin slice setting, putting it somewhere between the regular cut and the extra thin cut and "voilà" they claim to have a new product!!

There are 4 meats to choose from in this line of "new" thin cold-cuts; Grilled Turkey 1% fat, Romanian style Turkey, Paprika flavored Turkey and Italian Smoked Salami

I tried the Paprika flavored Turkey.

It tasted perfectly fine to me, and I enjoyed it, but I think it's somewhat ridiculous to claim it’s a new product. Maybe call it a new cut but not a new product.

This new gimmick is only being sold as "individual" packages. They are 120 grams per package. Exactly the same amount as Tirat Tzvi's extra thin sliced deli-meat, but these are being called "individual" packs.

I don’t think that 120 grams is an individual serving. It seems too much for one sandwich/serving and you don’t have a proper cover to re-close the package for next time.

It also ends up being much more expensive than buying a full size package of the regular sliced Tirat Tzvi deli-meat.

I know other companies also put 120 grams of deli-meat in their "so called" individual serving pack so it's not only Tirat Tzvi that I can fault for this.

Bottom Line: Tirat Tzvi's New Thin Sliced Deli-Meat was enjoyable enough and tasty, but I don’t think it warrants being called a new product. Aside from which, the packaging bothered me too. I am not likely to buy it again.

120 gram package -14.99 NIS

Kosher: Rabbi Werner

Update: Winner of 2012 Product of the Year Award Israel

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. My husband loves extra thin deli and likes the Tirat Tzvi brand--he would like this.

  2. Hi Laura, Glad to have "told" you about them:)
    I would be curious to know if he ends up liking this cut better than the extra thin, if I had to pick I would rather the extra thin:)

  3. We also like the Soglowek brand of thin sliced meats and, being Tirat Tzvi fans, we were disappointed that it looks so similar to their regular sliced meats. Now that you have shown us what is actually going on here, we will at least give it a try. Shows the power -- negative or positive -- of packaging. Thank you1

  4. Hi Ruti, Glad to have "filled you in" :)

    "Shows the power -- negative or positive -- of packaging." your absolutely right about that.

    I would love to know what you think of it after you try it:)