Sunday, May 29, 2011

Tzuriel's Goats-Milk Yogurt & Muller's Yogurt with Dark-Chocolate Shavings

With Shavuot just around the corner there are a few new yogurts on the market, 2 of which intrigued me and I decided to try them.

Firstly, we have Tzuriel's Mildly Sweetened Goats-Milk Yogurt

צוריאל יוגורט עיזים
Tzuriel Dairy is a private fresh-farm dairy located in Israel’s Lower Galilee region. According to their website, Tzuriel's goal is to develop healthy, natural products with an outstanding taste. This yogurt is the first product of theirs that I have tried. I have to say I think they absolutely succeeded in this case.

I thought this Mildly Sweetened Whole Goats-Milk Yogurt was exactly that. It has a wonderful rich and creamy consistency. This yogurt is not too sweet but not very sour either. I found it very enjoyable and refreshing.

I think it was delicious just as is, but it's also a great base yogurt, you can surly add some granola, fresh fruit or anything else you like in your yogurt.

Tzuriel's Mildly Sweetened Goats Milk Yogurt has about 3.3% fat.

I also noticed Tzuriel's new peach, strawberry and wild-berry goats-milk yogurts in the store refrigerator.

Bottom Line: I really like Tzuriel's Mildly Sweetened Goats-Milk Yogurt. It definitely lived up to what they promised it to be. Since I really enjoyed it I'm likely to try their other products and see if they are just as good.

150 gram container – 5.69 NIS

Kosher Dairy Badatz

Next we have Muller's Bianco Yogurt with Dark-Chocolate Shavings.

מולר יוגרט קרמי עם שוקולד
I mentioned in my review of the Dark-Chocolate Egozi Bar and in my review of Fitness's Dark Chocolate Cereal Bar (and maybe a just a few 100 more times on this blog J) that I really like bittersweet-chocolate so a creamy bio yogurt with dark-chocolate shavings sounds perfectly wonderful to me, and truthfully it was.

Muller's Bianco Creamy Yogurt with 60% Dark Chocolate Cocoa-Solids shavings was sweeter than Tzuriel's goats-milk yogurt but, it was not overly sweet, I thought it actually had a nice sweet to sour balance.

This Muller yogurt was not as thick as Tzuriel's yogurt but I'd say the consistency here was wonderful too.

Muller was generous with the amount of dark-chocolate shavings they added to the yogurt. The chocolate added a nice, rich bittersweet flavor yet at the same time it didn’t overpower the yogurt. For me it was a perfect combination of flavors.

Muller's Bianco has no artificial food coloring and no preservatives added. This yogurt has 5.7% fat.

Muller Bianco Yogurt with Chocolate Shavings is also available in an orange or cherry yogurt.

Bottom Line: Being a big fan of bittersweet chocolate I really enjoyed Muller's Bianco Yogurt with Dark-Chocolate Shavings. I think it will make a wonderful snack or even healthier dessert for Shavuot and beyond. At the moment it’s a limited edition product but I really hope it will become a permanent addition to our store shelves.

150 gram container- 4.90 NIS

Kosher Dairy Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. I am so happy to see Muller yogurt getting a good review! I happen to think they make some of the best yogurts out there, not too tangy, just right. Not only are they delicious, they are on the lower fat spectrum and are Mehadrin! Thanks for bringing this to my attention!

  2. Hi Chavi - well said !! They are "some of the best yogurts out there, not too tangy, just right."
    So glad I was able to tell you about them :) Hope you enjoy this chocolate one as much as I did.
    Thanks for your great comment