Friday, May 27, 2011

Osem's Bisli Shpitz 'ביסלי שפיץ'

ביסלי שפיץ
A few months ago, before I started this blog, Osem developed a new Bisli Snack, but they did not give it a name or tell us what flavor it is. Instead the package had three question marks where the flavor would have been written.

The idea was for the public to go to the Bisli Face-Book page and suggest flavor names. Then from some of the names suggested there was a vote to choose the "fan- favorite".

This "You Choose the Name/Flavor" campaign lead to a whopping amount of suggestions, Over 31,000, according to Osem.

Some of the top suggested names for this new Bisli were Magic, Surprise and Munchie.
With about 70,000 votes for the winning name which is "SHPITZ".

The slang definition of Shpitz is; Sharp point (as in a pencil) /Peck /The Best /Top of the Top (as in someone who's really good at what he does).
Seeing as this Bisli is shaped like a triangle I understand the connection to Shpitz, but none of the suggestions or the winning name gives us any indication of the flavor. If I'm not mistaken all other Bisli names are based on the snacks flavor. So although I think it was a clever campaign on Osem's part, because they succeeded in getting people interested in trying the new Bisli, I'm still kind of disappointed with the chosen name.

This new Shpitz Bisli is not my favorite of their snacks. I didn’t really like it but I wouldn’t say it was awful. I actually had a hard time placing the flavor. When my friend tasted it she suggested that the flavor is sort of a combination of Bisli Pizza Wheels and Bisli BBQ. I agree with her, that is kind of what it tasted like to me.

Bottom Line: Although my friend liked this new Bisli flavor, her kids and I were not really impressed with it. Aside from which, I think it's an odd name and I don’t like that the name tells us nothing about the flavor.

70 gram bag 4.00 NIS

Kosher Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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