Thursday, December 1, 2011

Bagsie A.M. Ha'emek Pizza flavored Snack

העמק באגסי חטיף בטעם פיצה
This past summer, in the throes of the "cottage cheese boycott"/local "high cost of living protests", A.M. Haemek first started selling their Bagsie; bissli-type snacks, for 95 agurot a bag. For one reason or another I didn’t get to review them then. Now that they added a pizza flavored snack I thought it would be as good a time as any to write a post about them.

Just for a price comparison Osem's Bissli 70 gram bags sell for about 3.40 NIS. So being able to buy this Bagsie 40 gram snack bag for 95 agurot is a big difference in price. The big question is whether or not the kids would enjoy the taste of these cheaper snacks. (I should add that all the major supermarkets have a store brand Bissli-type snack for about 2.30 NIS for a 70 gram bag but I have never tasted them so I do not know how they compare to Osem's or to these Bagsie ones)

Bissli type snacks are not my favorite savory or salty snacks but I don’t hate them. When I first put a Basgie Pizza flavored snack in my mouth I thought "hay not bad". I can't say they tasted anything like pizza but then again, I don’t think Osem's Pizza Wheels taste like pizza either so I wasn’t really expecting these to have a real pizza flavor. I was happy that Bagsie pizza flavored snack was crispy and crunchy and had a lot of flavor without going overboard, but then it all "rolled" downhill from there…. The pizza flavored snack left a terrible aftertaste in my mouth that I just could not stand. Personally I thought it was AWFUL! So much so, that I didn’t want to eat a second piece of this snack.

Since I really didn’t like them and these snacks are more geared toward children I wanted to get a kids opinion as well. Maybe they wouldn’t pick up on the aftertaste like I did. No such luck the kids who absolutely love Osem's Bissli totally HATED the Bagsie snacks.

Bottom Line: Even if these Bagsie Pizza flavored snacks are only 95 agurot a bag, taste-wise to me and the children who tasted them they are not worth even 1 agurah.

40 gram bag- 0.95 NIS

Kosher Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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