Sunday, December 4, 2011

Jordans Country Crisp Dark-Chocolate Curls Cereal

ג'ורדנס דגני הבוקר קנטרי קריספ
Given that Jordans Country Crisp cereals have been around since 1855 I wasn’t going to do a full review on them. I was only going to inform you that they are now available here in Israel. Since I am not from the UK I had never tasted Jordans cereals but I assumed many of you may be familiar with them.

Of all the flavors I saw on the shelf the one that (naturally) caught my eye was the dark-chocolate flavored cereal. (I've mentioned numerous times on this blog that I LOVE bittersweet chocolate and almost anything made with good quality dark-chocolate). So when I saw that the dark-chocolate curls cereal had a green balloon on the corner that says "NEW" I thought maybe its new to my British readers too so I decided to write a full review.

After my slight disappointment, not too long ago, with Nestlé Fitness's Dark-Chocolate cereal I was very curious to taste Jordans Country Crisp 70% Cocoa-Solids Curls Cereal and see if/how they compare to each other. 

For those of us who are not familiar, Jordans Country Crisp cereals are made of baked wholegrain oat clusters. This dark-chocolate one also has crispy rice, chopped hazelnuts, some vanilla & coconut flavoring and of course the 70% cocoa solids dark Belgian chocolate curls.
For starters the clusters are HUGE! I loved how big they are. Some of them are a spoonful on their own. And yes they are crispy and sweet. The chocolate curls have a rich bittersweet taste that added a nice contrast to the sweetness of the vanilla and coconut. I thought the flavors really worked well together. Aside from the fact that the curls are really cute, and I like the way they look, they absolutely add a wonderful dark-chocolate flavor to the cereal.
Dry this cereal would make a wonderful snack any time of day but I also enjoyed it with milk and mixed with plain yogurt. The clusters stayed fairly crispy both in the milk and yogurt.

The fun and informative box says that Jordans Country Crisp Chocolate cereal is a source of fiber, made with wholegrain goodness, has no artificial flavorings, coloring or preservatives, is suitable for vegetarians, non-gm and is very low in salt. All that "healthy info" and still they taste so good!! How can that be :)?  

Bottom Line: I really enjoyed Country Crisp's chocolate curls cereal. The rich dark-chocolate curls was a nice contrast to the sweet crispy clusters. A little went a long way and only a small portion made me feel full and satisfied. In my opinion this cereal was much tastier and had a much richer and more enjoyable dark-chocolate taste than the Fitness cereal I mentioned earlier. I did think Jordans cereal was a little on the expensive side; 500 gram box was 23.99 NIS. Still, I may treat myself from time to time and buy this cereal as a snack or to add to yogurt /milk as a breakfast meal because I really enjoyed it.

500 gram box 23.99
Kosher Parve Bait Din London and approved by Chief Rabbinate Israel

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Excellent Cereal.
    I wish I could've find them, the last weeks they slowly disappeared from Eden-Teva Market in Israel...
    את יודעת איפה אפשר למצוא אותם?

    1. Sorry you have been having a hard time finding them lately sadly often times imported products disappear for a while but then come back out of the blue.
      I haven't looked for this cereal recently but I have seen them in smaller mini markets that "specialize" in imported products since they try and cater to Olim from USA/UK etc maybe check if you have a mini market like that in your area maybe they will carry it. Good luck.