Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lachmi Techina Cookies

לחמי עוגיות טחינה ועוגיות שוקולוז
There are two new Lachmi Cookies on the market a Techina Cookie and a Chocoluz cookie. Hazelnut in Hebrew is Egoza Luz so Lachmi called this chocolate hazelnut cookie Chocoluz.

Of all store-bought brownies I've tasted here in Israel it happens to be that Lachmi's brownies is the one of the better ones I've tasted. I like very rich, chocolaty, flourless brownies best, so even though I'm not sure that Lachmi's is flourless, it's still a rich chocolaty brownie that I enjoy. Since I like one product of theirs I thought maybe I would enjoy other things they make as well. So I got a package of these new cookies to taste and review.

The techina cookies looked and sounded more unique and interesting to me so that’s the one I chose to try.

A friend of mine makes an outstanding techina cookie but I knew not to compare a store bought cookie to a homemade treat. Still, I was pleasantly surprised by this Lachmi Techina cookie. No it wasn’t "award winning" like my friend's homemade version but I did enjoy it.

(source) snowball cookies
At first bite the texture of the cookie sort of reminded me of snowball cookies, just without the powdered sugar coating. They are kind of crumbly in the way the snowball cookies are crumbly and they seemed to have a ground nut in the mixture too, but it didn’t taste nutty. After reading the label and not seeing any nut in the list of ingredients I realized it wasn’t ground nuts, what was adding the texture was in fact whole sesame seeds.

Taste-wise that made perfect sense and given that it’s a techina cookie it's very fitting. The cookie wasn’t "melt in your mouth", the way a classic snowball cookie can be, but I still enjoyed its texture.

On second bite these cookies had a strong techina/sesame seed paste flavor that I thought was a bit too strong but not so much so that I wouldn’t eat the rest of the package. But if you're like my neighbor, who tasted the cookie, and you're not crazy about sweet versions of more "savory" products or of techina itself, this is not the cookie for you. She took a cookie without reading the label so she didn’t know what kind of cookie it was. Once she tasted it she had no doubt it was techina and she didn’t like it.

The large amount of techina in these cookies makes them a bit of a richer cookie so a little went a long way for me.

There are no preservatives or artificial food coloring in these cookies. They are made with pure raw techina/sesame paste and whole sesame seeds.

Bottom Line: The texture of Lachmi's Techina Cookies reminded me of snowball cookies and I liked that but I thought the techina flavor was a little too intense. I didn’t dislike the cookie like my neighbor did but I didn’t either love them enough, therefore, I don’t think that I'd buy them again.

1 Pack of cookies 250 grams 16.00 NIS

Kosher Dairy Rabbinate Nahariya

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.

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