Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Klik Chocolate Coated Peanut Butter Flavored Snack

קליק חטיף בוטנים
Kilk's latest chocolate covered snack fits right into what seems to be a trend at the moment for Israeli snack companies. I'm of course referring to the peanut butter and chocolate combination "trend". Just recently we had Pesek Zman's  chocolate coated peanut butter flavored wafer fingers, shush's chocolate filled "bamba"  and now Klik's chocolate coated "bamba".

I know peanut butter and chocolate combos are not new to most of the world but somehow it feels like the Israeli companies just noticed it and realized how well they work together. I for one am a huge fan of the peanut butter/chocolate combo so I was very happy to try this new peanut flavored Klik snack.

The small bamba chocolate covered Kilk balls lived up to exactly what Klik promised. The puffed corn snack was crunchy and fresh and a wonderful base for the milk-chocolate coating.

At first I thought there was not enough of a peanut butter flavor on the snack and the milk-chocolate was overpowering the peanut butter but as I ate a few more the peanut butter did come through a little stronger. It's not like eating a peanut butter cup or even the peanut butter Pesek Zman. It has way less of a peanut butter flavor than both of those. So for kids of all ages who just want a touch of peanut butter flavor in their chocolate coated puffed corn snack I'd say this Kilk packet would be the perfect choice.

Bottom Line: I think this peanut butter corn crisps coated with milk-chocolate snack, as Kilk called them, is a wonderful addition to Klik's full line of snack bags. For me personally I would have liked it to have a bit more of a peanut buttery taste. I think that would be a better contrast to the milk-chocolate, still as is, I thought it was enjoyable treat.

Update: The ad running on TV for this Kilk snack is kinda cute,
you're sort of invited to the wedding ceremony of Kilk chocolates and peanut butter snack (bamba) because they make such a perfect/sweet match.
Here's the Chuppa ceremony:)

75 gram bag 6.50 NIS or 3 for 14.90 NIS

Kosher Dairy Badatz

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own


  1. I looked for these after I read your review. They are yummy. Superpharm had Klik on sale this week 2 for 10 NIS. I also like the "party mix."

  2. Hi Yosefa
    So glad you enjoyed these peanut butter ones, they're a winner in my book too:)
    Cool you found out about them via my post:) and yeah I think I mentioned in a past review that I liked the party mix too- its another good choice:)
    Thanks for the heads up on the Superpharm deal:)

  3. sweet commercial ;) made me smile

  4. Glad u enjoyed the commercial it made me smile too, I thought it was creative and comical :)