Monday, December 5, 2011

Mooi Ganache Cookies

עוגיות הגנאש של Mooi
Mooi, as I found out, doesn’t actually manufacture any of their cookies. Instead they scour Europe for what they consider to be topnotch cookies and then market them here in Israel under the Mooi name and packaging.

They now have three new Ganache cookies on the market:

Ganache Praline Hazelnut- cookies filled with hazelnut cream, covered in milk-chocolate ganache, sprinkled with sugared chopped hazelnuts

Ganache Orange- cookies filled with orange flavored cream, covered in dark-chocolate ganache, sprinkled with shredded cocoa beans

Ganache Coconut – cookies filled with coconut cream, covered in white chocolate ganache, sprinkled with coconut.

These Mooi ganache cookies are a 4cm. square cookie base that has a small "well-like" center which gets filled with the cream then the cookie is coated in the chocolate ganache and sprinkled with a topping.

Not being the biggest fan of coconut I skipped that cookie and tried the other two.

Generally I much prefer softer cookies I don’t like crispy cookies as much so I wasn’t surprised that as a whole I didn’t love the harder texture of these Mooi Ganache cookies. Still I thought they were enjoyable enough.

Given how much I enjoy quality bittersweet-chocolate it's not surprising to me that I much preferred the dark-chocolate/orange cookie to the milk-chocolate/hazelnut one. The orange flavor was very understated and not overpowering at all. That's a good thing in my book. I liked the touch of orange but I was glad it didn't dominate the cookie and take away from the rich dark-chocolate ganache. I didn’t think the shredded cocoa beans added or subtracted flavor-wise but they did add to the look so it didn’t bother me at all. 

I found the milk-chocolate/hazelnut cookie somewhat less enjoyable. Even though the cookie itself is a very crispy cookie I thought the sugared hazelnuts were way too hard and a very contrasting texture. I didn’t like that. It sort of felt like I accidently got a nut shell on my cookie, that kind of bothered me but once the sugar coating slightly "melted" in my mouth the cookie as a whole was tasty enough but not something I'd rave about.

Bottom Line: I know many people really like crispy crunchy cookies and when you add a richer quality chocolate ganache coating as well as a soft creamy filling that’s likely to be a winning combination, but personally they didn’t impress me all that much. I get that they are considered a "gourmet cookie" so I can understand the hype they're getting on some Hebrew food blogs, but to me, even if it was the most delicious cookie I ever tasted, charging 1.08 NIS per cookie seems outrageous, overpriced and unjustified for a mass produced small cookie.

Box of 12 cookies 140 grams -13.00 NIS

Kosher Dairy Triangle K D approved by the Chief Rabbinate
ובאישור הרה"ר K כשר חלבי (אבקת חלב נוכרי)  בהשגחת משולש

Disclaimer: All items were purchased by me. No one is paying me for this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Omg these look divine!!!

  2. :)personally I thought they looked much better than they tasted but I'm sure many will not agree with me on that and they will think they taste as divine as they look:)